Maya 2 VRay conversion melscript (updated version of the old mia2VRay script)

With this melscript you can easily convert the most common used shaders (Lambert, Blinn, Phong and Mia) into a VRay material. The script will scan all necesary input connections and will then connect them to the new VRay shader. After this it will delete the old material. It will work with most shading network, if you have multiple shaders in your network, try converting them one by one.

1. Copy the melscript to your Maya scripts directory and source it.
2. Select any of the 4 different shaders (Lambert, Blinn, Phong or Mia_material_x_passes) and run the mel command maya2VRay.

Thats it!
More Information can be found inside the script. Click on the image to download it.

If you find anything that bothers you or something which should be added, please contact me.

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